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In 2020, I got the opportunity to collaborated with illustrator Milo Stordahl on branding for a brand new boutique named Lilac. Milo & I were involved in the entire process of this new business finding it's identity & voice – from business name ideation to putting final touches on the brick-and-mortar boutique.



The branding for Lilac Boutique has been designed to communicate the desired atmosphere of the brick & mortar location, while remaining flexible enough for e-commerce & social commerce. This flexibility is achieved by keeping the branding incredibly minimalist & relying on detailed custom illustrated elements to create the atmosphere across these channels.

We designed this identity to communicate warmth and elegance while keeping materials clean and bright. The colors are meant to give a floral take on standard earth tones – keeping them grounded to the earth, while the majority of the palette is light and pink.

Pairing those colors with a singular serif font allows for simplicity in communicating the elegance the boutique wants to convey to their customers. These colors and typography culminate in the logo featuring a gorgeous illustration by Milo of the boutiques' namesake. To round out the project Milo & I designed & implemented a large scale mural of the logo type inside the boutique. This mural is paired with custom designed wall planters that hold dried flowers - this installation brings a lot of life to both the brand and the brick-and-mortar location.

Click here to view the style guide we produced for Lilac.



Jot provides a single input for all of your apps, so when you need to take something down quickly, you can simply open jot and fire it off without having to think about it.

My role with Jot has ranged from UI Design to Front End Development to Server-less Architecture Design.