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In Spring of 2021, I connected with UX Designer, Andrew Garber-Browne, to work on building a publishing platform for poet & artist Karla Kratz. The overall goal of the project was to create a very light & fast website where Karla could publish new work with ease.

Other tangential goals were to create a system that would allow easy iteration of new features, utilize Sanity.io for content management, and build the front-end using technology that Andrew would be able to maintain after my development work was complete.



For this project I decided on Svelte.js for the front-end due to its simple, HTML-like syntax that I knew Andrew would be able to pick-up easily. I also chose Svelte because it pairs very nicely with Sanity.io . Svelte's stores made it trivial to create the filtering system that persists state throughout the app.

Originally, I reached for Svelte's app framework called Sapper to orchestrate page routing & other app-like features. However, while the project was getting built, the Svelte core team release the beta for SvelteKit , so we migrated the site to Kit using the official migration guide.



I normally don't get to focus entirely on development, so getting the opportunity to implement this beautifully-crafted design and collaborate with Andrew was a real treat.

Overall, I'm glad we were able to create a solution that fits Karla's needs and will enable her to self-publish her work for years to come.