A decorative dot grid


Jot provides a single input for all of your apps, so when you need to take something down quickly, you can simply open jot and fire it off without having to think about it.

This project is the brainchild of my good friend & incredible engineer, Ivy Gray . Ivy brought the concept to me and we decided to build a proof of concept using Svelte. My role with Jot has ranged from UI Design to Front End Development to Server-less Architecture Design.



Due to the speed at which we needed to launch Jot, we didn't have time to develop an entire design system for the product. Instead, we initially developed some basic design assets and worked on UI design in the browser, refining after usability testing.



Jot is built with SvelteKit , Hasura , Magic Auth , Netlify Serverless API for integrating with third-party apps, Sanity for marketing & in app content.

The application front-end and API are deployed to Netlify’s Edge Network for easy continuous deployment.



While it was a great deal of work to get this product launched, we've really enjoyed using it and we've had quite a number of users join us since August 2021. We aren't really sure what's next for Jot, but we can't wait to find out!



  • live url: https://jot.works
  • provided: brand identity, design + development
  • built in: 2021