this is a collection of the work I'm most proud of and is a mix of client & open source work.


Open Source



styled components


steel-template-gatsby is the first front-end template within Steel, the toolkit for headless commerce. This template provides a great starting point for building a headless e-commerce store, complete with product category filtering, conditional rendering for different product types, and a robust CSS theme system, among other features.

Evergreen Fitness

Client Work


Custom Serverless API

Netlify Hosting

CSS Custom Properties

This site is a rebuild of a raster/ slice-based, static site built years ago for Evergreen Fitness in Port Townsend, WA. As the lead developer on this project, working for Bootstrap Commercial Arts, I was tasked with building a redesign of the site, making it completely mobile friendly, and integrating the REST API provided by the gym's management software, ABC Fitness.


Client Work


growww is a website built for a fictional plant shop, to showcase the wonderful combination of Svelte/ Sapper & Sanity CMS. Sanity is configured to allow the shop owner to easily upload new plants they've added to their inventory & toggle whether the plants are displayed on the front end of the website based on that inventory.


Open Source


Daycare is an interactive CLI tool that generates boilerplate for WordPress Child themes.


Open Source


Snipcart REST API

This plugin is a part of Steel, the toolkit for headless commerce based around Snipcart and The plugin provides a dashboard widget that displays your most recent Snipcart orders including the name & avatar of the customer, the amount spent, order status, and a link to the order invoice.

Lilac Boutique

Client Work




Lilac Boutique is a brand new boutique selling curated clothing, accessories & gifts. The business needed to easily work across multiple sales channels, including a brick & mortar storefront, an e-commerce store, and social sales. I utilized Shopify & its POS integration to allow for one fluid inventory process across all channels. I also very intentionally routed the sites DNS through Netlify to allow for easy hosting for various marketing websites at the same domain as the Shopify store.

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