jacob stordahl


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Jacob Stordahl

Minneapolis, USA  |  UTC -5hrs

Software Engineer, passionate about building UI's and enabling product teams through design & developer tools.

Past Employment

Software Engineer, Stylitics Inc.

New York, NY  |  January 2022 to Present

  • Core contributor to Stylitics front-end product suite of Third Party JS widgets.
  • Lead our migration to modern tooling like Vite, Vitest, and PNPM, which led to a reduction in CI compute time by over 75%.
  • Designed, Built, and Deloyed an internal Error Reporting Cloud Service using Google Cloud Functions and Cloud Logger.
  • Designed and instituted git based deployment strategies.
  • Contribute to our internal and external technical documentation.

Web & Digital Media Manager, Hennepin Technical College

Minneapolis, MN  |  June 2021 to January 2022

  • Created consistent structural input format to maintain site continuity by authoring and implementing best-practices for designers and content providers.
  • Collected and responded to user feedback through iterative improvements to site structure and content.
  • Developed and implemented iterative updates by reviewing past performance metrics and traffic analytics via Google Analytics.
  • Tested and debugged site updates and prevented functional flaws from impacting public visitors.
  • Collaborated with Marketing and Enrollment teams on projects to increase enrollment and engagement with students.


Degree: BA in Digital Media Arts

Institution: Hamline University, 2017